Robotics Club

A robotics club is a gathering of students who are interested in learning about and working with robots. At KCST, robotics clubs typically take place in a classroom, and are moderated by a member of the teaching staff.


To facilitate students to understand, design and learn robotics. Provide interested students with opportunities to express their skills, knowledge and creativity through conceptualizing, designing and programming robots.

Our Vision

Robot vision refers to the capability of a robot to visually perceive the environment and use this information for execution of various tasks. Visual feedback has been used extensively for robot navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Our Mission

Inspiring young minds to be the driving force in robotics, by engaging them in exciting mentorship-based programs that build engineering skills, inspire innovation and enhance holistic life capabilities including self-confidence, communication and leadership.

Who can join a robotics club or team?

Robotics teams target students at almost every group, starting with first year going all the way to grad students. Of course, the structure and objectives of these competitions vary greatly depending on the stage of the student.

Why do you want to join robotics club?

Robotics teams provide the same opportunity for students to strengthen leadership skills, learn to cooperate with others, improve social

Students who participated in all Competition/Activity period from (2019-2022)

Year 2022

Huawei Seeds for the Future

Visit to Kuwait Society of Supporting Inventors and Innovations

6th IET GCC Robotics Challenge

Outstanding Performance Award

Year 2020

Global Makers Exhibition (Maker Faire Mekathon 2020 – Kuwait)

Global Makers Exhibition (Maker Faire)

Second Kuwait Hackers Conference

Penetration Information Security Emergency Response Workshop

National Final exam of Huawei ICT

Year 2019

Kuwait Innovation Center

Kuwait Hackathon

Bayan Palace Award Ceremony