In cooperation with the National Campaign (Shield) to support medical personnel in facing the Covid-19 pandemic, Kuwait College of Science and Technology took part in fighting the pandemic by putting its development labs (FABLAB) at the disposal of the Ministry of Health and the Government of Kuwait for 3D printing of protective tools for doctors and front liners in hospitals and quarries.

The President of Kuwait College of Science and Technology, Professor Khaled Al-Begain said that it is disheartening that some medical personnel and the hospital and quarry staff have been affected by the corona disease, and so it is absolutely imperative to equip doctors and frontline workers with adequate protection. From this standpoint, the college has offered complete access all the equipment and laboratories in cooperation with the national volunteers in the Shield campaign to provide the largest amount possible of protective equipments for all workers in the front rows.

The Marketing and Public Relations Department has also opened the window of volunteering for college students who are keen to provide assistance to their country and its frontlines in every way they are capable of, while maintaining the proper application of social distancing and providing volunteer students with all the protective tools at work. We are very careful that the number of volunteers in one place does not exceed the advised limit. Another source of pride is that some students have not limited their role in producing and delivering masks, but some have devoted most of their time volunteering in quarantines and supporting the frontlines

In a generous gesture by Sheikha Amthal Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Head of the Volunteer Center in Kuwait, visited the campus on Saturday, first of May 2020 to inspect the conditions of volunteering and production. She was received by the college administration alongside the members of Shield campaign and some student volunteers. Sheikha Amthal examined the FabLab devices and the masks that were produced and prepared for delivery to hospitals and quarries that deal directly with the coronavirus in Kuwait.

Head of the Marketing and Public Relations Department, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Mutawa stated that the visit of Sheikha Amthal Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah acts as an additional incentive for volunteers and workers on the project, as it sheds light on the foundations of volunteer work and how to increase accuracy and productivity for them. Since that day KCST began its campaign it produced more than 1000 face shields that have been distributed all around Kuwait hospitals and health quarries such as Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, Al-Ameri Hospital, Mubarak Hospital the palms quarries and many more.

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