Day 1: Tue, 24 Oct. (Venue - Kuwait College of Science and Technology)

9:00-9:40 (KWT)

Opening Session
(Speakers:Prof. Khalid Al-Begain, President of KCST
Prof. Latif Ladid, Chair at 5G World Alliance,
President of IPv6 Forum, University of Luxembourg
Dr. Ammar Alhusaini, Deputy Director General of Central Agency for Information Technology, Kuwait
Location:Main Auditorium)

9:40-10:10 (KWT)

Keynote 1: Roberto Di Pietro ,King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
(Talk Title: From an Electronic Cash System to DeFi - A journey through cryptocurrencies evolution and their security issues.
Location: Main Auditorium)

10:10-10:40 (KWT)

Keynote 2: Stephan Nilsson,CEO and co-founder of UNISOT
(Talk Title: Disrupting AI - The Public Blockchain and IPv6 as Catalysts for Monetizing AI Models and Creating New Revenue Streams
Location: Main Auditorium)

10:40-11:00 (KWT)

Networking Break (Coffee) + Poster Session
(Location: First Floor)

11:00-01:00 (KWT)


11:00-11:40 (KWT)


11:40-12:20 (KWT)



12:20-1:00 (KWT)


Keynote 3: Prof. Jorge Zubelli, Khalifa University
(Talk Title:Local Volatility Estimation Driven by the Available Data in Option Pricing and Risk Management
Location: Main Auditorium)

Keynote 4: Srdjan Krčo, Co-Founder and CEO of DunavNET
(Talk Title: Towards transparent and trustworthy agri-food supply chain
Location: Main Auditorium)

Panel 1: The Role of AI and Blockchain in Advancing Financial Services and Applications
(Panelists:Talib Behbehani , Mousa Alsulaimi, Dr. Safa Otoum, Seth Sadiq
Location: Main Auditorium)

Technical Session BC-1
(Chair: Ismaeel Al Ridhawi
Location: Room 1)


Lunch + Poster Session
(Location: Second Floor)









Keynote 5: Abdallah Shami
(Talk Title: Zero-Touch Network Security, Use-Case Driven Analysis
Location: Main Auditorium)

Keynote 6: Hoda Al Khzaimi
(Talk Title: Improving Cryptographic Primitives Attack Frameworks
Location: Main Auditorium)

Panel 2: Blockchain Applications and Services, Challenges and Opportunities
(Panelists: Rami AlSahhar, Sulaiman Alhasawi, Basil Al-Othman, Dr. Huda Alrashidi
Location: Main Auditorium)

Technical Session BC-2
(Chair: Yaser Jararweh
Location: Room 2)


Social Gathering (Coffee)
(Location: First Floor)


Day 2: Wed,25 Oct.(Venue - Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel)

Day 3: Thu,26 Oct.(Venue - Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel)


Keynote 7: Satya N. Gupta, Chairman of Blockchain for Productivity Forum
(Talk Title: Convergence of Blockchain and IPv6 - Creation of a Universal Public Digital Infrastructure
Location:Conference Hall 1)

Keynote 8: Salil Kanhere, University of New South Wales
(Talk Title: Practical and Extensible Decentralised Identity Management
Location:Conference Hall 1)


Networking Break (Coffee)


Panel 3: The Role of Young Professionals in Cybersecurity and Futuristic Technologies
(Panelists: Ali Alkazimi, Ali Al-Khaled, Ahmed Hajeyah, Husain Ma'ad
Location:Conference Hall 1)

Technical Session: BC-7
(Chair: Moayad Aloqaily
Location:Conference Hall 1)

Technical Session: BC-8
(Chair: Yaser Jararweh
Location:Conference Hall 2)


Tutorial 1: Integration of SDN and Blockchain for IoT Networks
(Presenters: M. Karakus, E. Guler, S. Turner, S. Uludag
Location:Conference Hall 1)

Technical Session: BC-3
(Chair: Mohammed Faisal
Location:Conference Hall 2)

Tutorial 2: Oracle problem in Blockchain
(Presenter: Ayana T. Aspembitova
Location:Conference Hall 1)

Technical Session: BC-9
(Chair: Chibli Joumaa
Location:Conference Hall 2)


Lunch (Location: Conference Foyer)


Technical Session: BC-4
(Chair: Omar Khattab
Location:Conference Hall 1)

Technical Session: BC-5
(Chair: Mohammed O. Adam
Location:Conference Hall 2)

Technical Session: BC-10
(Chair: Ismaeel Al Ridhawi
Location:Conference Hall 1)

Technical Session: BC-11
(Chair: Moayad Aloqaily
Location:Conference Hall 2)


Technical Session: BC-6
(Chair: Ismaeel Al Ridhawi
Location:Conference Hall 1)

Technical Session: DS-1
(Chair: Haidar Ramadhan
Location:Conference Hall 2)

Technical Session: BC-12
(Chair: Yaser Jararweh
Location:Conference Hall 1)

Technical Session: DS-2
(Chair: Ehtesham Hassan
Location:Conference Hall 2)


Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony
(Location :Conference Hall 1)

Group Tour

Technical Session Paper ID Title Authors
Teams Link
4284 QLAMMP: A Q-Learning Agent for Optimizing Fees on Automated Market Making Protocols Dev Churiwala and Bhaskar Krishnamachari
8145 A Comprehensive Distributed Framework for Cross-silo Federated Learning using Blockchain Prateek Durgapal, Parth Kataria, Garv Garg and Anshu S. Anand
9553 Decentralized and Trustful Supervised Learning over Blockchain Yamina Khenfouci and Yacine Challal
378 Deep Learning PUF-based Item Identification for Supply Chain Management in a Distributed Ledger Framework Carmelo Felicetti, Antonella Guzzo, Giuseppe Manco, Francesco Pasqua, Ettore Ritacco, Antonino Rullo and Domenico Saccà
528 AI-Assisted Investigation of On-Chain Parameters: Risky Cryptocurrencies and Price Factors Abdulrezzak Zekiye, Semih Utku, Fadi Amroush and Oznur Ozkasap
6520 A dynamic decision support system for the best-fitting Blockchain platform selection Muhammad Nasim Bahar, Michal Ries and Kristián Košťál
952 Unveiling Ethereum's Hidden Centralization Incentives: Does Connectivity Impact Performance? Mikel Cortes-Goicoechea, Tarun Mohandas-Daryanani, Jose Luis Muñoz-Tapia and Leonardo Bautista-Gomez
3057 A Reputation System for Distributed Intelligent Blockchain Decision-Making Charles Rawlins, Jagannathan Sarangapani and Venkata Sriram Siddhardh Nadendla
Teams Link
1098 Prediction of Blockchain Transaction Fraud Using a Lightweight Generative Adversarial Network Charles Rawlins, Jagannathan Sarangapani and Donald Wunsch
5431 Modelling Blockchain-based Systems using Model-driven Engineering Ebtehal Nassar, Sherif A. Mazen, Stefan Craß and Iman M. A. Helal
1997 Securing Federated Learning against FGSM Attacks with Adaptive Trust Scores and Blockchain Updates Ammar Abasi, Neveen Hijazi, Moayad Aloqaily and Mohsen Guizani
5471 Towards Privacy-Aware Federated Learning for User-Sensitive Data Muhammad Asad and Safa Otoum
1943 Blockchain-based Federated Learning for Decentralized Energy Management Systems Abdulrezzak Zekiye and Öznur Özkasap
1183 BETA-FL: Blockchain-Event Triggered Asynchronous Federated Learning in Supply Chains Mayank Gulati, Narges Dadkhah, Benedikt Groß, Gerhard Wunder, Jovan Glavonjic, Aleksandar Pavlovic and Aleksandar Tomcic
589 Automating and Decentralising Satellite-based Emergency Mapping Robert Cowlishaw, Red Boumghar, Annalisa Riccardi and Ashwin Arulselvan
1637 DeepBlock: a Collaborative Intrusion Detection Framework Based on Blockchain and Deep Learning Monirah Al-Ajlan and Mourad Ykhlef
Teams Link
1071 Blockchain-based key management solution for Clustered Flying Ad-Hoc Network Maroua Abdelhafidh, Nesrine Zaghdoud, Nadia Charef and Adel Ben Mnaouer
9112 Blockchain enabled Private 5G Networks: A Primer Nisita Weerasinghe, Tharaka Hewa, Anshuman Kalla, Mika Ylianttila and Madhusanka Liyanage
9576 Automation of Blockchain Network Setup in offering Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Jyostna Grandhi, Mahesh U Patil and Lakshmi Eswari
7785 Application of blockchain technologies to improve the quality of microgrid network management Volodymyr Khylenko
5503 Blockchain based fog computing network architecture Ivan Fedorov and Sergey Bezzateev
1052 High-Speed Secure Vanity Address Generator for User Convenience in Blockchain Networks Md. Mainul Islam, Md. Kamrul Islam and Mohammad Hammoudeh
5467 An Adaptive Blockchain-based Decentralized Network Computing Jongho Seol, Kyle Kentner, Indy N. Park, Shital Joshi and Nohpill Park
6556 Scaling A Blockchain System For Load Balancing of DNS Servers Using Heuristic Sharding Fahad Rahman, Chafiq Titouna and Farid Naït-Abdesselam
Teams Link
5849 Blockchain-Based Heuristic Study to Secure UAVs From GPS Spoofing Signals and External Attacks/td> Abdullatif Baba, Basil Alothman and Omar Khattab
373 Communicate Vehicle Accident Data to Blockchain for Secure and Reliable Record-Keeping Using Android Automotive Application Luc Gerrits, Thomas Mabrut and Francois Verdier
8517 Blockchain-Based Psychological Information Sharing Platform Xirong Xao, Mohamed Rahouti, Senthil Kumar Jagatheesaperumal and Kaiqi Xiong
6278 Blockchain for Email Security: A Perspective on Existing and Potential Solutions for Phishing Attacks Jamal Al-Karaki, Amjad Gawanmeh and Claude Fachkha
8935 Towards the Optimization of the Spanish Land Registry System Yeray Mezquita, Javier Parra, Javier Prieto and Juan Corchado
4804 Enhancing Parcel Tracking with Blockchain: A Secure and Efficient Solution for Large Shipments of Medicines and Drugs Saud Alhoshan, Mohammed Alalem, Eisa Jokhdar, Dana Kharrat, Nidal Nasser and Lutful Karim
359  Breaking Boundaries: Exploring Blockchain's Impact on UAE Organizations Ahmed Shuhaiber, Nishara Nizamuddin and Amal Amer
9648 DocCert: Nostrification, Document Verification and Authenticity Blockchain Solution Monther Aldwairi, Mohamad Badra and Rouba Borghol
Teams Link
6189 Pluggable Integrity layer for Property Registration Ras Dwivedi, Mukul Verma, Tanmay Yadav and Sandeep Shukla
8014 Blockchain-Based Countermeasures for Luxury Goods Counterfeiting: A Focused Survey Marko Jevtic, Sajjad Khan, Jorao Gomes Jr. and Davor Svetinovic
6016 Schooling to Exploit Foolish Contracts Tamer Abdelaziz and Aquinas Hobor
5675 Towards Citizen-Centric Services using Blockchain-Powered Digitalization of Public Sector Processes Sion Israel Sion, Kaiwen Zhang and Alain April
4122 Verifiable Credentials with Privacy-Preserving Tamper-Evident Revocation Mechanism Li Xu, Tianyu Li and Zekeriya Erkin
8661 ParaSpell XCM SDK: A new protocol for interoperability in Polkadot Paraverse Dušan Morháč, Kristián Košťál, Viktor Valaštín and Ivan Kotuliak
5666 CoMMA Protocol: Towards Complete Mitigation of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) Attacks Dev Churiwala and Bhaskar Krishnamachari
651 Echidna: A New Consensus Algorithm for Efficient State Machine Replication Rui Morais, Paul Crocker and Simão Melo de Sousa
Teams Link
157 Exploring Arbitrary Real-life Problems in Proof-of-Useful-Work: Myth busting? Tatjana Davidovic, Milan Todorovic, Bharat Sharma and Dusan Ramljak
520 PoWVDF: Progressive Real-Time Block Rate Targeting Yuehua Wu, Feihu Yan, Yunxiao Wang and Wenzhi Chen
3855 Poster Paper: Towards Blockchain-based AI Alignment Using a Proof of Personhood Consensus Mechanism Alexander Neulinger
2187 SmartNIC-Powered Multi-threaded Proof of Work Disha Patel and Sean Choi
9340 Proof-of-Federated-Learning-Subchain: Free Partner Selection Subchain Based on Federated Learning Boyang Li, Bingyu Shen, Qing Lu, Taeho Jung and Yiyu Shi
3027 A Real-Time Performance Model for NFT Chains Kyle Kentner, Jongho Seol and Nohpill Park
4333 Dynamic membership management for a permitted blockchain Fjölnir Þrastarson and Gísli Hjálmtýsson
6669 Socio-technical Principles of Decentralized Protocol Design Harry Halpin, Jaya Brekke and Marios Isaakidis
Teams Link
6653 The Greed Trap: Uncovering Intrinsic Ethereum Honeypots through Symbolic Execution Mahtab Norouzi, Mounir Elgharabawy and Kaiwen Zhang
1209 Implementing and Evaluating a Blockchain-Based Dematerialized Public Procurement System with HyperLedger Fabric and OCDS Papa Diadia Ba, James Tamgno Kouawa and Kora Ahmed Dooguy
7610 Measuring Stakeholder Agreement and Stability in a Decentralised Organisation Sarad Venugopal and Heiko Aydt
8950 A technique to avoid Blockchain Denial of Service (BDoS) and Selfish Mining Attack Md. Ahsan Habib, Md. Mainul Islam, Md. Motaleb Hossen Manik, Tamzid Rahman, Rushmila Shabneen, Fahim Ahmed Mondal and Raihan Hussain
5394 SoK: Essentials of BFT Consensus for Blockchains Gang Wang and Mark Nixon
1103 Refining Blockchain-powered Industrial Internet-of-Things Architecture for Improved Performance Ishaya Gambo, Timilehin Ogundare, Michael Magreola and Temitope Ajayi
Teams Link
4791 A Framework for Asynchronous Cross-Blockchain Smart Contract Calls Michael Sober, Giulia Scaffino, Marten Sigwart, Philipp Frauenthaler, Markus Levonyak and Stefan Schulte
9360 Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps without Time Locks Ras Dwivedi, Tushar Singla and Sandeep Shukla
1072 Model-Driven Approach for Generating Smart Contracts for Access Control Issam Al-Azzoni and Saqib Iqbal
7288 Design requirements for secured and cost-efficient Blockchain-based data exchange frameworks in healthcare Shahrin Chowdhury and Anca Delia Jurcut
433 A Blockchain Node Organizing and Auto-Scaling Architecture for the Internet of Things Riham Elsaadany and Guy Bégin
Teams Link
7641 Secure Multi-party Computation for Digital Assets Custody Purpose - Analysis of Open-source Implementations Daniel Roszak and Zakwan Jaroucheh
7738 Secure and Decentralized Generation of Secret Random Numbers on the Blockchain Pouria Fatemi and Amir Goharshady
7999 Blockchain CBDC Security Threats using STRIDE Jaqueline Hans, Sajjad Khan and Davor Svetinovic
8274 Parallel Committees: High-Performance, Scalable, and Secure Distributed Replication System Using a Novel Sharding Technique Siamak Solat and Farid Naït-Abdesselam
574 Mining User Behavior in Decentralized Applications for Blockchain Trust and Security Analytics Shengwei You, Aditya Joshi, Andrey Kuehlkamp and Jarek Nabrzyski
4790 Blockchain-based consent management for privacy persevering and transparency in intelligent surveillance systems Fehmi Jaafar, Darine Amayed, Wissam Salhab, Mohamed Cheriet and Hajer Bouani
9425 Blockchain Technology in IoT and IIoT Environments: Solutions and Challenges Saad Alghashmari and Abdulaziz Alnori
4042 SoK: Blockchain for Industrial Internet of Things Gang Wang and Mark Nixon
Teams Link
2310 Towards a framework for analyzing the suitability of DLTs for integration in the IoTs Guido Perscheid and Juergen Moormann
1212 Securing Cyber-Physical Industrial Systems Against False Data Injection Attacks: A Hybrid Detection Approach Khalil Guibene, Nadhir Messai and Marwane Ayaida
1525 A distributed EMR data storage scheme based on LWE Haotian Luo, Niansong Mei, Chong Du and Caoyi Yu
5704 Opening Pandora's Box: an Analysis of the Usage of the Data Field in Blockchains Eder John Scheid, Sebastian Küng, Muriel Franco and Burkhard Stiller
7555 Blockchain-based data sharing platform customization with on/off-chain data balancing Stefan Behfar, Frank Théodoloz, Cyril Schranz and Marzie Hosseinpour
1444 DLT-based Personal Data Access Control with Key-Redistribution Fadi Barbara, Mirko Zichichi, Stefano Ferretti and Claudio Schifanella
9594 How decentralized intelligence relates to big data analytics Stefan Behfar
5136 A New Direction of Blockchain Data Representation: Compressing Big Data and Computation-based Verification Abdelkader Laouid, Mostefa Kara, Mohammed Al-Khalidi, Khaled Chait, Mohammad Hammoudeh and Ahmed Aziz
Teams Link
8343 IoT Data Sharing Scheme Based on Blockchain and Homomorphic Encryption Caoyi Yu, Niansong Mei, Chong Du, Haotian Luo and Qian Lian
9030 Securing Medical Records Using Private Blockchain Technology Basil Alothman, Mariam Alenezi, Danah Alhamdan, Mariam Almutairat, Zahraa Almousa, Chibli Joumaa and Murad Khan
1273 Optimizing Read Performance in Lightweight Blockchain with Cooperative Storage Scheme Han Wang, Hui Li, Zixian Wang, Feng Zhao, Yao Yao, Tuanfa Qin, Ping Lu and Jiaoli Shi
7248 Risk-Free Interest Rates in Decentralized Finance Ben Charoenwong, Robert Kirby and Jonathan Reiter
9368 A Framework for Digital Asset Transaction Roundtrip Risk Evaluation Saminu Salisu and Caitlin Egen
588 Challenges of Blockchain adoption in financial services in China's Greater Bay Area Xiongfei Zhao and Yain-Whar Si
5937 Qwallet: A Hybrid Cryptocurrency Wallet using Quantum RNG Muhammad Muneem Shabir and Kaiwen Zhang
346 Routing Fee Adjustment Strategies in Payment Channels Bence Ladoczki and Zhaojie Luo
Teams Link
2841 Web3 and Blockchain for Modernizing the Reseller Market Håkon I. Frøland, Edward Palm, Katina Kralevska and Danilo Gligoroski
3315 Artwork NFTs Online Trading and Transaction Cancellation: A Smart Contract Application Elsi Ahmadieh and Nour El Madhoun
6601 Metaverse through Blockchain and Intelligent Networking: A Comprehensive Survey Mohammad Alja'Afreh, Sahel Alouneh, Muath Obaidat, Ali Karime and Abdulmotaleb El Saddik
7175 Incentivising Building Data Availability and Accessibility Using Tokenized Data Assets Sarad Venugopalan and Heiko Aydt
1309 Advancing Decentralized Finance: A Comprehensive Pool-based Liquidity Protocol Kristián Košťál, Muhammad Nasim Bahar, Richard Gazdík and Michal Ries
Technical Session Paper ID Title Authors
Teams Link
4109 A Smart Network Intrusion Detection System for Cyber Security of Industrial IoT Fadi Alzhouri, Hardik Gunjal, Preetkumar Patel, Ahmad Hammad and Dariush Ebrahimi
4080 Identifying Candidate Pages for Shortcuts in a Website for Site Personalization and Adaptation Haider Ramadhan
8359 Data Architecture Framework For Data-Intensive Applications Moamin Abughazala, Mohammad Sharaf and Henry Muccini
3047 Arabic Web Page Classification with AraBert and Mixture vectorization Methods: Analysis using K-NN, LSTM and Naive Bayes Hicham Ghouch, Karima El Majdoub, Abdelmounaim Kerkri and Mohamed Amine Madani
9468 Towards Arabic Multimodal Dataset for Sentiment Analysis Abdelhamid Haouhat, Slimane Bellaouar, Attia Nehar and Hadda Cherroun
4100 Detecting Distracted Drivers using Convolutional Neural Networks Mohamad Tarabin, Mariam Mohamed Alketbi, Hamad Rashed Alfalasi, Mohammad Alsmirat and Yousef Sharrab
4859 The Role of Emojis in Sentiment Analysis of Financial Microblogs Ahmed Mahrous, Jens Schneider and Roberto Di Pietro
5659 Bias Correction in Urban Building Energy Modeling for Chicago using Machine Learning Shovan Chowdhury, Fengqi Li, Avery Stubbings, Joshua New, Ankur Garg, Santiago Correa and Kevin Bacabac
933 Incorporating Data Preparation and Clustering Techniques for Workload Segmentation in Large-Scale Cloud Data Centers Mustafa Daraghmeh, Anjali Agarwal and Yaser Jararweh
Teams Link
9379 Epileptic Seizure Detection using Novel CNN with Residual Connections Zainab Abualhassan, Ehtesham Hassan, Imtiaz Ahmad and Sa'Ed Abed
2143 Thermography-Based Early-Stage Breast Cancer Detection Using SVM Tina Zavvar, Ismaeel Al Ridhawi and Ali Abbas
4955 Deep Federated Learning for IoT to Improve Healthcare Operations Haya Elayan, Moayad Aloqaily and Mohsen Guizani
1730 Modular Simulation Environment Towards OTN AI-based Solutions Sam Aleyadeh, Abbas Javadtalab and Abdallah Shami
8739 My Household' Application: A Smart Mobile Application for Household Management Ahmed Shuhaiber, Hamdah Almenhali, Meera Almansoori and Noura Alhamed
310 Machine Learning Based Preemptive Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease Using Saudi Clinical Data: A Preliminary Case Study on Saudi Arabia Dataset Sunday O. Olatunji, Abdulaziz Alzahrani, Abdulaziz Alsubaie, Osamah Aldahlan, Ibrahim Alnafea, Abdullah Alamri, Mohammed Imran, Mohammad Aftab, Abdulrahman Almuhaidib and Jamal Alhiyafi
3114 Securing Domain Name Systems With Blockchain Joshua Theoder, Binusha Shabu Metharath and Sahel Alouneh
2998 Lung Cancer Survival Time Prediction Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques Qanita Bani Baker, Enas Khwaileh, Marwa Alharbi and Yaser Jararweh
936 Image Retargeting Techniques Identification using Supervised Deep Learning Ruba Kharsa, Rouaa Alzoubi, Mohammad Alsmirat and Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub