The Cyber Security Centre is composed of several facilities, each facility has a distinguished, yet clear goal.


the first hackers club in Kuwait.


Registered in Cylon, a Cyber Security Accelerator, that supports the growth of start-up cyber companies who aim to bring new ‘better, faster and cheaper’ security products to market. It aims to support the emerging cyber security industry within the Kuwait, encouraging skills, jobs and growth.


Nov 24st - Nov 28th, 2020: Kuwait College of Science and Technology launched Cybersecurity Week which lasted for 2 days. It consisted of several lectures and workshops that were conducted using online platforms, in cooperation with senior specialists in the field of cybersecurity. A representative of KCST stated that the workshops and presentations aim was to educate the community on how to maintain privacy, in light of the technological expansion and the ease of penetration of the devices used daily by individuals. The cyber security week aim is to shed light on the growing importance of cybersecurity, especially during the pandemic.

Different topics were discussed, including::

  • CERC (Cybersecurity Education and Research Conference)

  • EC-Council Webinar: (Cybersecurity: Easy Steps to a Promising Career in Cybersecurity)

  • Webinar (Live Mobile Hacking)

  • Kuwait Cyber Accelerator Launch

  • Kuwait Hackers Club Launch Meeting (Virtual)


Nov 21st - Nov 25th, 2021:

  • Opening Ceremony

    Introducing Kuwait’s first Cyber Security Centre, The college announced the establishment of the first cyber security center that provides education, research, training among various levels ranging from intermediate to advanced training which aids in enhancing the security of digital infrastructure in all sectors and raising cyber security awareness through the Hackers Club. Furthermore, the ceremony highlighted the initiative to establish the first cyber security major among the current colleges and universities.

  • Keynote Talk by Dr. Reem Alshammari

    Keynote Talk by Dr. Reem Alshammari, Chief Information Security Officer “CISO” at Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and Co-Founder of Women in Cyber Security Middle East (WICSME): A cybersecurity specialist was hosted to talk about how to start learning cyber security and to overcome the challenges associated with learning this broad field.

    Fig.- Keynote Speaker Dr. Reem Alshammari
  • Cyber Trends

    Discussed the latest trends in cybersecurity, and the main challenges facing Kuwait in this field, specifically lack of training and education in this field for specialists and raising awareness for non-specialists.

    Fig.- Cyber Trends and Talks Audience
  • Cyber Talks

    A set of hacking tools and methods of penetration testing were presented by several students from the college, as well as some student research projects that contribute to the development of the cyber security center in the college will be announced.

    Fig.- Student Abdulrahman Alotaibi Giving Cyber Talk
  • Haggi Magee (CTF) competition:

    A famous and well-known competition in the world of hackers. KCST launched a Kuwaiti version of this competition to encourage the beginners to learn and go deeper in this field due to its increasing importance and necessity. The competition held a series of cyber challenges that tested the contestants' skills and speed in solving hacking challenges and using hacking tools. The challenges lied in many cyber fields, including encryption - software reverse engineering and many other fields. There were three winners and the college awarded them in the closing ceremony in the last day.

    Fig.- Haggi Magee CTF
    Fig.- CTF Completion
    Fig.- CTF Players
  • CERC 2021 (Cybersecurity Education and Research Conference) live coverage

    The conference was covered for those interested in the field of cyber security, especially from the educational and research side.

  • Seminar (Mobile and Social Media Hacking)

    With the increasing use of mobile devices and social media, the importance of spreading cyber security awareness for these areas has emerged. The seminar was delivered by Dr. Basil Al-Othman and certificates of attendance were given to participants

    Seminar topics:

    • Explore the latest hacking methods and techniques for smartphone penetration.

    • Explore the latest hacking methods and techniques to hack social media accounts such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

    • Directly hack phone and explore how to control the hacked device remotely.

    Objectives of the seminar:

    • How to protect yourself and those around you from these intrusions, practical steps with the attendees..

    • Correct and practical ways to protect your accounts from hacking.

    • Training and practical steps directly with the attendees to protect and secure their social accounts from hacking..

    Fig.- Dr. Basil Alothman Giving Mobile and Social Media Hacking Seminar
  • Workshop (Introduction to Kali Linux Operating System for Penetration Testing)

    Kali Linux is the most famous operating system for penetration testing, hence the importance of teaching it to those interested in the field of cybersecurity. The workshop was delivered by Eng. Shahad Al-Shaher the participants were given certificates from the college.

    Workshop topics:

    • Download and install Kali Linux on your laptops

    • Explanation of the interface and basic commands of the Kali Linux system

    • Explain how to use a variety of hacking tools in Kali Linux.

    Objectives of the workshop:

    • Help those who are interested in cyber security to begin their journey in this field.

    • Learn the basic penetration testing tools in the system

    • Gain the ability to learn on their own and how to search for sources of information.

    Fig.- Dr. Basil Alothman Giving Mobile and Social Media Hacking Seminar
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Workshop

    The Cyber Security Center at the Kuwait College of Science and Technology held a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) workshop from EC-Council. The workshop was held for 5 days, a total of 40 training hours with access to the private cyber library in the course, where the course will be given free of charge to those who pass the workshop exam, and this course is exclusive only for students and graduates of the college.

    Fig.- CEH Workshop Participants
  • Closing ceremony

    Awards and certification were given to CTF Winners, workshop and seminar attendees.

    Fig.- Closing Ceremony
    Fig.- CTF Winners
Visit of UK Ambassador, Her Excellency Belinda Lewis
Fig.- HE Belinda Lewis, UK Ambassador’s visit our Cyber Security Lab
Visit of US Ambassador, Her Excellency Alina L. Romanowski
Fig.- HE Alina L. Romanowski, US Ambassador’s visit our Cyber Security Lab
Visit of Canadian Ambassador, Her Excellency Aliya Mawani
Fig.- HE Aliya Mawani, Canadian Ambassador’s visit our Cyber Security Lab
Visit of Kuwait Society for science, technology and innovation
Fig.- Kuwait Society for science, technology and innovation’s visit to the Cyber Security Centre
Visit of KYDA, Sheikh Fahad Naif Al Sabah and Sheikh Sabah Naif Al Sabah
Fig.- KYDA visit to the Cyber Security Cen
Visit of Republic of Turkey Ambassador, Her Excellency Ayşe Hilal Sayan Koytak
Fig.- visit of H.E. Ayşe Hilal Sayan Koytak, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Cyber Security Centre
Cyber Penetration Testing Competition

KCST sent the first Kuwaiti team to participate in Cyber Penetration Testing Competition.

Fig: Alanba Newspaper Announcing KCST Participation in CPTC
Fig: Aljarida Newspaper Announcing KCST Participation in CPTC
Fig: Kuwait Times Announcing KCST Participation in CPTC