The teaching in Cyber Security offered by the KCST consists of:.

  • BSc Computer Science
  • BEng Computer Engineering
  • Other Bachelor Degree Tracks with Cyber Security
  • BEng Computer Engineering (New Plan)
    • Track 1: BSc Computer Science and Cyber Security

    • Track 2: BEng Computer Engineering and Cyber Forensic

  • MSc Cyber Security (City, University of London, De Montfort or Coventry University) as Future plan.
  • FYPs: Final Year Projects related to Cyber Security.
    • Developing a Cyber Incident Exercises Model to Educate Security Teams

    • Enhancing the User Awareness to Secure Social Networks Account

    • Risk reduction of RFID card cloning

    • An Empirical Study on Cloning Ransomware Key Decryptor Using Honeypot Technique

    • Robustness and Security Enhancement for Smart Safe Box Using Private Blockchain Solution

    • Securing Smart cap for blind people

    • Developing Cyber Escape Room for Cyber Awareness

    • Improve the confidentiality of transferring sensitive hardcopy documents using a blockchain tracking system

    • E-Crime Rate Prediction Detector System in Kuwait

    • Enhancing E-Voting System using Blockchain Solutions