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Congragulations! Class of 2022

Graduation Ceremony

Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony

On Wednesday, 30th November 2022, at 6.30 pm, KCST held its second Graduation Ceremony on KCST Campus in the presence of the Acting Secretary General for the Private Universities Council, Engineer Omar Al-Kandari, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Her Excellency Nabeela Al Mulla, KCST Board members, dignitaries and ambassadors, proud parents and graduating students.

The ceremony opened on a high-tech note with the robot Rashid, built in the AI&R centre at KCST, delivering the welcome speech

The Master of Ceremony, Ms Ruba Mohamed, Head of Languages Department steered the ceremony beautifully from start to finish. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees , Her Excellency Nabeela Al Mulla warmly welcomed the dignitaries and guests and thanked all the stakeholders for their unconditional support to the advancement of the University. The Guest of Honor, Engineer Omar Al-Kandari highly appreciated the efforts of the University in equipping students with the right set of knowledge and skills to be able to prosper in the job market, especially that the degrees offered at KCST are in demand in the local job market.

Prof. Khalid Al-Begain spoke about the achievements that KCST made, especially in research and the advancement of knowledge, especially for school children.

Two speeches were delivered on behalf of graduating students. Honour student Naji Bader Alquallaf gave his speech in Arabic, and Honour student Alhanouf Khaled AlThaferi made her speech in English. They thanked everyone for seeing them through these trying and testing years. They told their fellow graduates never to lose faith in themselves as their journey had just begun, and they were entering a new chapter.

What A Year!

Institutional Accreditation

The PUC granted KCST Institutional Accreditation for five years (2021-2026). KCST is proud to be the first private university to receive Grade A accreditation in its first round, indicating its academic excellence and technological development and the great value this achievement adds to the work field.

ABET Accreditation

KCST has successfully received Accreditation for its Engineering Programs: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications Engineering until September 30, 2028.

* The accreditation action for these two newly accredited programs extends retroactively from October 1, 2019.

KSE Approval

Kuwait Society of Engineering (KSE) approved the applications of KCST graduates for KSE membership based on the ABET Accreditation.

AI & R Center

Dr. Mohammed Faisal Naji

Head of CAIR

The Center of AI & Robotics (CAIR)was established in June 2022 to provide students with the highest cognitive skills to be able to lead in tomorrow’s job market in Kuwait.

Our vision at CAIR is to be a leading center in the field of AI and robotics locally and regionally. CAIR aims to spread awareness of the culture of AI and robotics in Kuwait. CAIR provides many services, including student support, research, consultation, and studies. CAIR is interested in several areas, including Robotics, Automation, Healthcare, Rehabilitation, Agriculture, Computer Vision, and Speech Processing.

Statistics indicate that in the next six years, the global market for robotics is expected to triple its current size and cross over USD 275 Billion by 2025. Moreover, reports generated based on the global LinkedIn network for employment show that artificial intelligence experts and robotic engineers are the major sought out job opportunities that have emerged in 2020, with an annual growth rate of 75% and 40%, respectively.

Since its launch, CAIR has provided services to more than 70 students via workshops and supervision and assisted in publishing 7 scientific research papers, 3 in high impact factor Q1 journals and 4 in well-known IEEE conferences.

Cybersecurity Education and Research Conference (CERC 2022 )

Distinguished Visitors

His Excellency Osama Shaltout, the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the State of Kuwait

His Excellency visited the campus and viewed the advanced facilities and laboratories.

He discussed with the President and the senior management ways of encouraging further research collaborations with the leading technology universities in Egypt. KCST already has strong research collaboration with Alexandria University in the area of Nano-Technology.

Her Excellency Eszter Torde, the Ambassador of Hungary to the State of Kuwait

Her Excellency visited the campus and viewed the advanced facilities and laboratories.

She discussed with KCST management the possibility of collaboration in supporting high-tech Hungarian exhibitions at the campus, considering the position of KCST as the home of technology in Kuwait.

His Excellency Marc Trenteseau, the Ambassador of Belgium to Kuwait

His Excellency visited the campus and viewed the advanced facilities and laboratories.

The Ambassador was keen on supporting collaboration between KCST and the Belgian universities.

British Council's Country Director, Mr Tony Skinner

On the occasion of his appointment as Director of the British Council in Kuwait, Mr Tony Skinner met with Prof. Al-Begain to discuss certifying KCST as an Examination Centre for IELTS where the candidates can receive preparatory courses certified by BC and sit their exams at KCST.

KCST will also offer British Council English courses and organize joint lectures and events.

Public Affairs Counselor Ms Christy Watkins, US Embassy

As part of the continuous collaboration between KCST and the US Embassy, Ms Christy Watkins, Public Affairs Counselor at the US Embassy, visited the KCST campus and the advanced laboratories, including the Cybersecurity Centre, the Centre of AI and Robotics, the Fablab.

Ms Watkins expressed her admiration for the advancement made by KCST. She agreed on a sequence of activities for the Fall and Spring of 2022/23, including holding cybersecurity training for Kuwait public sector employees at KCST and various "Study in America" events for KCST students.

Al-Mabarrah of Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah

As part of its contributions to the community and increasing the voluntary spirit of its students, a competition to design and implement the website for the Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah Foundation was conducted among KCST Students.

The best projects were presented to a committee of Sheikha Mariam Mohammed Al-Sabah, Sheikha Mariam Jaber Al-Sabah and Dr Ali Al-Shammari.

The Winners were honoured by the committee at the Headquarter of the Foundation.

Visit from a delegation from Bayes Business School, City, University of London

As part of the partnership agreement between KCST and Bayes Business School of City, University of London, a delegation consisting of Professor Richard Payne (Deputy Dean) and Professor Stephen Thomas (Head of MBA Programs) visited KCST in preparation for the launch of the new Faculty of Business Management that is awaiting final approvals from the PUC.

Ministry of Education Visit

Mrs Mona Al Salem, the Computer Literacy Senior Monitor at Hawalli Educational Area and the Acting General, visited KCST to discuss the possible collaboration between the MOE and KCST. She met with the President and the heads of concerned departments. She also visited the computer labs, FabLab, AI & Robotics Lab (CAIR), and Cybersecurity Lab.


KCST Faculty - Journal Publications – Spring 2023

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Electronics and Communictions Engineering

Department of Physics

Faculty - Seminars & Workshops


International Conference on Business and Technology

This conference was organized by the EuroMid Academy of Business and Technology in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 12-13, 2022. Dr Hasan Ghura presented a paper titled “Critical Discussions on The Upcoming Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax in Kuwait: A Qualitative Analysis”.

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KTech Conference 2022

Dr Hasan Ghura was a keynote speaker at KTech Conference 2022, held on November 23-24, 2022. The conference focused on the opportunities and challenges faced by by Small and Medium Enterprises in Kuwait

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Virtual Cambridge University Press Workshop

The English Department participated in a virtual workshop with its partner Cambridge University Press on Wednesday, December 7th 2022. The workshop was presented by Ms Laura Moulton, the Professional Learning & Development Manager at Cambridge University Press.

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Research excellence and innovation are integral to the vision of the Kuwait College of Science and Technology. Our goal is to address fundamental and strategically important questions and to deliver economic, social and cultural impact at national, regional and international levels.

We engage in internationally leading research activities and collaborations. We are very proud of our faculty research scholarly output during the last five years. The scholarly output has been impressively increased and aligned with the national research priorities.

This growth in the research output was associated with developing the College’s human capital, including student enrollment and faculty recruitment. During the academic year 2021/2022, KCST’s publications reached 214, in addition to 11 books and book chapters, 13 research proposals submitted to KFAS, 15 research proposals submitted to The British Embassy and 4 ongoing research projects with KFAS

Based on Scopus, the largest research database, KCST has 632 published research papers in scientific journals since November 7, 2022, which is considered high among other local universities. 57.5% published in Q1 Journals, and 84.9% published in Q1-Q2 Journals.

The data presented is retrieved from SciVal (Scopus), including key metrics of the overall performance of the scholarly output affiliated with Kuwait College of Science and Technology for the period 2016 to 2022.

The publications from 2016 to 2022 were on different subjects.

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The Research Day Event

In collaboration with Physics and Math Departments, KCST organized the first Research Day Event in December 2022. The program was a very interesting mix of talks, illustrations, seminars and poster presentations. The talks and seminars were presented by local and international speakers renowned for their experience in scientific research. The topics included Solar Cells and Nanomaterials, Net-Zero-Energy Buildings, Machine Learning, Modeling and Topology, and Social Choice Theory.

An attractive part of the event was the display of scientific posters and illustrative models on the latest research and laboratory experiments conducted in the research laboratories at the Kuwait College of Science and Technology.

Three speakers presented the first session: Professor Kamal Alameh, Director and Chief Technical Officer at Alpha Solar Tech – Australia, spoke about Building-Integrated Photovoltaics. Dr Chetan Arora - Associate Professor with Computer Science Department at IIT Delhi – India, was on Zoom to present his topic, Exploiting Rich Visual Structure in Computer Vision Problems. Dr Rabih Ghostine - Associate Professor of the Math Department at KCST, introduced Flood Modelling in Urban Areas Using a Discontinuous Finite Element Method and Ensemble Kalman Filter.

The second session also had three speakers. The first speech was presented virtually by Dr Rohit Vaish - Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi on Fair Division and Cake Cutting. The second speech was by Dr Kyriakos Papadopoulos - Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Kuwait University, on The Topology of Spacetime. The last talk was by Dr Junais Habeeb Mokkath - Associate Professor of the Physics Department at KCST, about Ultrathin Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Energy Storage and Plasmonic Applications. Guests and speakers looked at the poster presentations and toured the labs between the sessions.

News & Announcements


Cybersecurity Week

The annual Cybersecurity week organised by The Cybersecurity Lab was held for the third time at KCST in October 2022 to synchronise with the CERC22 Conference. The KCST team presented three seminars on current and exciting topics. The panel moderators were Dr Sam Rajesh, Dr Basil Al Othaman

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U.S. Embassy Cybersecurity Workshop at KCST

KCST hosted the U.S. Embassy Cybersecurity Workshop on January 25 and 26. The Embassy invited 23 employees from different ministries and private companies to discuss the attacks on Kuwait's critical infrastructure. The sessions were chaired by Dr Basil Al Othman

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Cybersecurity Sessions for High School Students: Rounds 1 & 2

Cyber Security Sessions for High School Students is an idea that was implemented at KCST in partnership with the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS). This one-week program aimed to raise fundamental awareness of the cybersecurity field and increase knowledge about hacking

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KCST Co-sponsored the BCCA 2022

The Fourth International Conference on Blockchain Computing and Applications (BCCA 2022) focus on the work of researchers and practitioners in the area of Cybersecurity. Prof. Khalid Al-Begain and Dr Ismaeel Al Ridhawi organised The First International Workshop on Blockchain for Trustworthy Industry 4.0 (BlockTrust 4.0), co-jointly with BCCA 2022

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Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH)

KCST students obtained the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certificate after passing the test administered by EC-COUNCIL. This global organisation occupies first place in the world in the accreditation of certificates of penetration and Cybersecurity. Kuwait College of Science and Technology is the only accredited academic partner in Kuwait

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Soliya Program – in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy

In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait & Stevens Initiative Organization, Soliya's Connect Program was held in Kuwait for the second time at KCST. It brought together college-aged youth in the United States, the Middle East, and North Africa for online dialogue

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Talk on Renewable Energy

The Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) Department invited Dr Sultan Al Enezi, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Kuwait University, to give a talk about Renewable Energy in Kuwait. Dr Sultan focused on how Kuwait entirely relies on burning fossil fuels for energy generation and water desalination

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Seminar on How to Write an Email

The English Foundation Department organised its first seminar to teach students in the Foundation Program how to write an email. Ms Samira Jafar from the English Foundation Department demonstrated the essential elements of an email. These seminars are crucial for the newly enrolled students to help them learn how to correctly deliver their questions

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Medical Insurance Information Session

The H.R. Department organised a meeting for KCST admin and academic staff to meet with the medical insurance company's employees to discuss the health insurance benefits offered in the scheme in detail and answer their queries. The session was an interactive one

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Student Life and Alumni

Art exihibition

The Media Club organized an art exhibition showcasing the work of student artist Omar Alhajeri, a club member. An exciting part of the exhibition was the panel discussion with artists from Kuwait Caricature Association.

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Injaz Workshops

INJAZ organization focuses on students graduating soon and heading out searching for a job. In line with this objective, it conducted a program called “Head Start” for engineering students who will be writing and presenting their Final Year Projects (FYP 2) shortly. The program objective was to teach resume and interviewing skills.

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FYP Oral Presentation Skills Virtual Workshop

The English Department gave oral presentation skills workshop to FYP 1 & 2 students. It was presented in Zoom by Mr Alban Beqiri from the English Department, coordinated by FYP coordinators Dr Omar Adam & Dr Ahmad Arafa. The workshop aimed to teach basic oral presentation skills and gave tips and guidelines.

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Community Engagement

KCST Social Events

FIFA World Cup Events

World Cup Opening Ceremony

Student Life & Alumni Unit hosted an event for the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony. Students, faculty and staff were invited to watch the opening ceremony and the opening match of the 2022 world cup. The event included an outside seating area on the football field and a big screen, where the opening ceremony and the first match were live-streamed. Food and beverages were available at a food court put up for this occasion. What a match that was!

World Cup Closing Ceremony

Student Life & Alumni Unit hosted a similar event for the closing ceremony and final match of the 2022 world cup. Students, faculty and staff thronged the football field to watch one of the most exciting matches in a wonderfully organized FIFA World Cup.

Annual Winter Event

Student Life & Alumni unit held the Annual Winter Event, a celebration with live music and DJ, food and beverages, food trucks and stalls. All the KCST student clubs set up their booths with exciting displays and games. The event also allows student entrepreneurs to set up booths exhibiting student-owned businesses.


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