Welcome to the first step to the Engineering and Technology World

Before starting, please follow the following steps:

    First: Download the Kuwait Mobile ID application on your mobile phone. Watch the demo video Apply using Civil ID app - YouTube. Second: Make sure that the following documents are ready to be uploaded to the online application:

    Identification Papers:

    • A copy of a valid civil ID
    • A copy of a valid passport
    • A copy of a valid security card or health insurance card for students of unidentified nationality
    • A copy of the valid civil ID of the guardian of the applicant applying for PUC scholarships. For the children of Kuwaiti women applying for PUC scholarships, please prepare a copy of the student’s birth certificate, and a copy of the mother’s civil ID.
    • A clear personal photo (Note: This photo will be used on your Student ID)


    • True copy of the high school certificate (in Arabic and English)
    • Certificate of equivalency from the ministry of private education, for foreign certificates (American, British, bilingual, Indian, Pakistani ... etc.) and for Saudi certificates
    • Academic sequence certificate (for the tenth / eleventh / twelfth grade, separately) for foreign certificate and Saudi certificate.
    • Placement certificate and aptitude test certificate for Saudi school graduates
    • True copy of the diploma (in Arabic and English), if any
    • To whom it may concern letter from Kuwait University (only for diploma holders applying for PUC scholarship)
    • Social Security letter (only for diploma holders applying for PUC scholarship)
    • A diploma equivalency certificate from the Private Universities Council (PUC) for diploma graduates from private colleges
    • An official transcript of the university from which the applicant is transferred (if any)
    • Valid IELTS / TOEFL certificate (if any)

    Other Documents and Data:

    • Special Needs recent certificate and a valid special needs card (if any)
    • A recent medical report (if any)
    • The IBAN number and bank information for the eligible student to apply for the social allowance

    Important Notes:

    • You can fill out the online application form from outside the campus (remotely).
    • Make sure to enter a valid email address, so that you will be contacted via emails throughout the application and admission period.
    • The following demo video explains how to download documents from mobile to the online application using the CamScanner application Cam Scanner - YouTube
    • You will be able to pay the application fee, set the date for the entrance exam, and apply for the transfer credit (for diploma holders and those transferred from other universities) via K-NeT through the online application.
    • You will be able to know the results of the entrance exam and pay the acceptance fee through the online application. You can also schedule a repetition of the entrance exam in the same way.
    • Make sure to read all the instructions mentioned in the (Terms and Conditions) section carefully, as completing the application form and clicking (I have read all the instructions and I agree) on the last page of the online application is like a pledge to abide by all the instructions in this section.
    • If you encounter any problem or difficulty in filling out the online application, please contact the WhatsApp number of the Admission and Registration department: +965 1810010
    • Students who are accepted will be contacted and informed with the date of submitting documents and certificates, and receiving the New Student Envelope