Students with Special Needs

KCST serves the educational need of all its students and as such the University is equipped for students with special needs in the following two areas:

  • Mobility impairments
  • Learning disability such as dyslexia

The admission criteria and a minimum requirement in the case of special need student are decided by an Admissions Committee on a case by case basis. The admission process provides an environment where students with special needs will feel comfortable and be able to attend College on an equal footing with other students.

Procedure at the application stage

In order to ensure that students with special needs who are admitted to KCST are able to cope with the curriculum and complete the program successfully, the following steps will be taken at the pre-registration stage:

  • A meeting will be arranged between the student and his/her parent/guardian to discuss the level of disability and the support that is needed. This meeting will be with an academic advisor and the Student Counsellor or a senior admission staff.
  • The meeting has a dual purpose. First, it is to advise the student and his/her parent/guardian about the programs offered by KCST. The second purpose is for the admission staff to evaluate the level of disability as one of the inputs into the admission decision.
  • After this meeting, the application will follow the normal admission process.

Provision made for students with mobility impairments

The following facilities are made available at KCST in order to allow students with special needs to come to the University and attend classes unaided.

Car park

Specially allocated and accessible car parking space.

Access Routes

Continuous and wide enough corridors free from obstructions for the easy movement of wheelchair users.

Proper access to approach, enter or leave the building, as well as to reach and use the facilities such as lifts, toilets, cafeteria etc. without undue difficulty.

Lecture halls, labs and auditorium

These areas are accessible to wheelchair users, and wheelchair spaces are provided in lecture halls, labs and auditorium.

Accessible Toilets

All functional floors are provided with accessible toilets with sufficient fittings for disabled students.

A conveniently accessible emergency call button is provided in the accessible toilets, which when activated emits an audible alarm signal for summoning assistance.


Students will be able to access all functional floors, including lecture halls and auditorium conveniently and independently.

Provision made for students with a learning disability

  • The following arrangements are made at KCST in order to help students with special needs cope with normal University activities without undue stress
  • Allowing students to record lectures.
  • Regularly checking to ensure that the student has understood.
  • Allowing students to submit work done on a computer rather than handwritten.
  • Giving sympathetic feedback with suggestions about how the work submitted could be improved.
  • Ensuring that students have clear guidance and know what to expect in an exam.
  • Giving students extra time and allowing them to use a computer to type exams.
  • Depending on the performance of the student, he/she may be advised to take fewer credits in each semester.

KCST will make provision for a special advisor for students with special needs whose task will be to provide moral and emotional support in addition to academic guidance.