PUC Scholarships

PUC applications are accepted at KCST within the period established by the PUC. KCST announces the application period in the local newspapers.

The applicants must fulfill the following conditions: -

  • Be Kuwaiti nationals or son/daughter of a Kuwaiti mother.
  • Have graduated from high school in the current or previous Academic Year.
  • Not be employed in any Government sector
  • Not hold any other scholarship from Ministry of Higher Education
  • Not have received any previous scholarship from PUC (cancelled due to withdrawal or revocation)
  • The scholarship covers only two levels of the Preparatory Program
  • Applicants must fulfill all other admission criteria from KCST
  • A non-refundable KD10 application fee is payable on submission of application

PUC scholarship application process and procedure

PUC scholarship applicants must complete the KCST application form first, take the KCST entrance exam (or submit TOEFL/IELTS and SAT 2 test results), wait for the admission decision to be communicated by KCST, and then apply for the scholarship.

  • The relevant PUC application forms must be completed and copy of a valid civil ID must be attached.
  • For non-Kuwaiti applicants, copies of birth certificate and mother’s valid civil ID must be attached.
  • Original high school certificate or its equivalency must be submitted after the PUC final approval.

Merit cum Need based Scholarship

  • The College may grant Scholarships to deserving students based on requests from students and his/her performance track record.
  • Timelines and criteria for application shall be announced to the students. The Scholarship forms with all relevant documents must be submitted within the given timeliness. No Scholarship forms will be accepted after the timelines.
    • Following are the criteria for Scholarship:

      • Any applicant intending for full-time study at KCST and all full time students in good academic standing may apply for scholarship.
      • b. Applications may be typed electronically or hard copy to be filled up and submitted to the Department of Student Affairs.
        • The complete set of Scholarship must contain the following:

          • The Scholarship form completed in all aspects
          • The Total Income certificate duly certified by the employer
          • Self-declaration of any other source of Income
          • Good conduct certificate
          • Transcript duly signed by the Dean of Student Affairs
          • Any other document made mandatory as per the notice
    • Scholarships will be awarded for one academic semester only. Students receiving scholarships shall be evaluated at the end of each semester to determine if they are eligible for continuation of the scholarship into the next academic semester.
    • The decision on the Scholarship will be communicated to the students via official letter from the Scholarship department.
    • The decision on the Scholarship is at the discretion of KCST Management and is final.