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KCST has an extensive collection of Policies and Procedures for all aspects of Admission and Registration. The Department of Admissions and Registrations has the responsibility of handling all aspects of the academic process of students from the moment an individual who has an interest in studying at KCST decide to make an application until their graduation from the university.

This process is fully automated through a comprehensive and fully automated Student Information System (SIS) reflecting the life cycle from the moment a potential applicant decides to apply to KCST throughout the semester- wise online registration until the final stage of graduation.

PAAET & Other Diploma Holders

Transfer From Other Universities

Students with Special Needs

  • KCST only accepts students who completed their high school studies in the science stream.
  • KCST offers three majors in the Bachelor’s degree level and a Foundation program that includes Math’s, Physics and English. Where full-time attendance is mandatory, and the medium of instructions is English.
  • Applicants are considered based on their merit, regardless of race, color, gender, religion, age, disabilities or national origin.
  • PUC special needs scholarship rules apply to all special needs applicants in KCST. These students are assisted with high priority.
  • Admission officer shall first verify Applicant documents, according to the below criteria:
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Sponsor High School Certificate High School GPA
PUC ≤ 2 Years/ 2 Months Engineering:≥85% Science:≥75%
PUC Special Needs ≤ 2 Years/ 2 Months Engineering:≥75% Science:≥65%
Self-Funded or Other Sponsors ≤ 10 Years* Engineering:≥70% Science:≥70%

*Exceptions are decided on a case-by-case basis upon the President’s approval.

KCST does not distinguish between applicants for the purpose of admission to its programs. However, if students are also applying for funding to the PUC or any other organization, they must comply with the sponsor’s rules and conditions.

Required Documents for PUC Scholarship:

  • Original civil ID
  • A copy of the applicant’s valid civil ID
  • A copy of the applicant’s valid passport (updated version). The old version is not accepted
  • Non-Kuwaiti applicants applying for PUC scholarship must provide a copy of his/her Kuwaiti mother’s valid civil ID
  • Non-Kuwaiti applicants applying for PUC scholarship must provide a copy of his/her birth certificate
  • Two personal photographs (size 4x6, blue background)
  • Bank account details for social allowance purposes
  • A valid certificate of IELTS/TOEFL (if any)
  • Applicants applying for PUC scholarship are requested to provide extra documents according to the type of the scholarship (special needs, sons of diplomats…etc.), details are available in the PUC scholarships section

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Program Level Major Required Tests(IELTS/TOEFL/SAT etc.) High School Stream Minimum GPA

Computer Engineering

IELTS (5.5) TOEFL (72)


65% - 2.25
Engineering Electronics and Communications
Science Computer Science

Rules for Conditional Admission

  • In order to ensure readiness and preparedness of potential students, all applicants to KCST must sit an entrance test in Math’s, Physics and English (based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages level (CEFR)).
  • The Entrance test is held at regular dates all through the year for acceptance in the following semesters. The frequency of the entrance test increases significantly during peak admission periods.
  • The tests are all online, and the results are sent to the Admission Department instantly after the Tests.
  • Based on the results of the entrance test, applicants may be accepted into KCST in two ways: conditional acceptance and direct entry.
  • Students who pass all three entrance tests are accepted to the degree of their choice.
  • However, those students who do not pass may be given conditional acceptance.
  • Conditionally accepted students must complete up to two semesters of foundation program in order to begin in their admitted program.
  • The foundation program consists of four courses at each level: English, Math’s, Physics, and IT.
  • Students cannot register for degree courses unless they successfully complete the foundation program.
  • The general rules of admission are set by the Admissions Committee consisting of the President (Chair), Dean of the Faculty and Head of Admission and registration.
  • The Admissions Committee also makes decisions on all non-standard applications.

All applicants are required to take the KCST Entrance Tests of Mathematics, Physics and English, or submit the results obtained in recognized standard tests, such as TOEFL/IELTS. KCST offers a Foundation Program for applicants who are not considered ready for registration in one of the degree programs. The results of the KCST Entrance Test or standard tests determine the level at which the applicant should join.

The Foundation Program courses are as follows:

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Foundation Level 2 Foundation Level 3
MA002, PH002, LA002, IT001 MA003, PH003, LA003, IT002

KCST is using The Cambridge English Placement Test. It is considered to be a quick and reliable online test to check the applicant’s level in English, so that the student can be placed in the right course based on the Common European Framework of Reference Level (CEFR). It has been produced by Cambridge English Language Assessment, the world leader for assessing English language skills. Over 4 million people take Cambridge English exams every year. It tests reading and listening skills, as well as the use of English – which includes using grammar and vocabulary accurately and appropriately. It is an adaptive test – which means each test adapts to the individual student, and each student will get different questions according to their level of English. Applicants normally complete the test within 45-60 minutes.

Below is the grading scheme for Cambridge English Test:

Cambridge English Placement Test

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Foundation Level 2 Foundation Level 3
Overall 51 B1
Listening 7
Reading 91

The Scores are Reported on a standadr scale 0 - 100

The levels are taken from the council of europ's common european Framework of Reference (CEFR), level below A1 - C2

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Score Common European Framework for Reference Level
90-100 C2 (Mastry)
75-89 C1 (Effective Profficiency)
60-74 B2 (Vantage)
40-59 B1(Threshold)
20-39 A2(Waystage)
10-19 A1(Breakthrough)
0-9 Below A1

© Cambridge English Language Assessment 2014

Practice Tests

Click here for English practice test

KCST English Entrance Exam Tutorial

The KCST Mathematics Entrance Test is not intended to determine acceptance or rejection in the degree programs. It only determines the level of the candidate’s knowledge of general mathematical rules and principles. It also points the way for the building up of solid mathematical foundations for our science and engineering programs. KCST offers two foundation math courses MA002 and MA003, for students who are not considered ready for registration in one of the degree programs. The results of the Entrance Test determine the level at which you should join.

Content of the Test

The contents of the test are topics studied in the last two years in the high school, as follows:

  • Properties of real numbers
  • Polynomials
  • Absolute values
  • Complex numbers
  • Equations
  • Inequalities
  • Functions
  • Derivatives
  • Integrations
  • Applications (1): Areas, and volumes
  • Application (2): Ratio, percentages and proportions
  • Matrices: Operations, transpose, determinant, and inverse for 2x2 matrices
  • Basic concepts in probability and statistics
Practice Tests

Click MATHS A and MATHS B for MATHS practice test

KCST Math Entrance Exam Tutorial

  • The test aims to select the students and train them to gain a thorough foundation for their fundamental physics which is essential for KCST’s science and engineering programs. The test is not intended to determine acceptance or rejection in the degree program. It only determines the extent of the candidate’s grasp of fundamental principles of physics.
  • Content of the Test
  • The topics in the content used for this entrance test are the topics the students would have studied in the intermediate physics courses in their high school. The approximate percentages of the test on the major content topics have been set based on the below scheme.
  • Classical Mechanics [40% ]: units and dimensions, laws of motion, Newton’s laws, work, energy, oscillatory motion, central forces, collisions, gravitation, waves, fluids, oscillations heat and Thermodynamics
  • Properties of matter [20%]: atoms, molecules, nucleus, temperature, heat, first law of thermodynamics.
  • Electromagnetism [30%]: electrostatics, properties of charge, coulomb’s law, gauss’s law, electric potential, combination of capacitors, currents, ohm’s law, combination of resistors, DC circuits, magnetic fields in free space, Lorentz force, induction, electromagnetic waves.
  • Optics [10%]: properties of light, light phenomena, refraction, lenses, mirrors.
Practice Tests

Click Physics A and Physics B for Physics practice test

KCST Physics Entrance Exam Prep Tutorials 1 - Displacement and Vectors

KCST Physics Entrance Exam Prep Tutorials 2 - Motion in One-Dimension -I

KCST Physics Entrance Exam Prep Tutorials 3- Motion in One-Dimension –II

KCST Physics Entrance Exam Prep Tutorials 4- Force and Acceleration

Entrance Exam Revision_KCST_Physics_Part 1

Entrance Exam Revision_KCST_Physics_Part 2

  • KCST scholarships are granted to applicants on the basis of their merit, regardless of race, color, gender, religion, age, disabilities or national origin.
  • KCST scholarship is a partial scholarship for up to 20% of the school fee. It does not include registration fee or any other additional charges.
  • Acceptance to KCST scholarships is based on merit. Merit will be decided based on a combination of school grades and KCST entrance test results. Each academic year the college will specify the minimum marks required for submitting scholarship application.
  • KCST Scholarship is granted for one Academic year (2 consecutive semesters). In order to continue in the Scholarship program the student must maintain an average CGPA of 3.00.
  • Students Who were not accepted for the KCST Scholarship initially, can apply for it later stage, provided, they have completed 2 semesters at KCST and have maintained a GPA of 3.00 for 2 consecutive semesters.
  • The scholarship will be withdrawn immediately in case of warnings and/or academic misconduct.
  • The scholarship will be withdrawn in case of deferment. Students have to submit a new application when they re-join.