Campus Life at a Glance

KCST students have enjoyed a fully developed spacious, modern and highly equipped campus from day 1 of the operation of the university.

The campus has a current capacity sufficient for about 1800 students with outstanding facilities such as a 520 seater distinguished Auditorium, two 250-seater Lecture Theatres, mini theatres, smart classrooms, spacious and advanced laboratories in addition for a purpose-built library and educational center.

The campus has full Wi-Fi coverage and a secure ICT system with 2 parallel datacenters with automatic failover technology and 10Gbps fiber backbone. The campus has outdoor sports facilities, and KCST is in the process of building a sports center with complete indoor sport capabilities.

The campus employs advanced Building Management system (BMS) and has its own Waste Water Treatment facility through which wastewater is treated and reused for plant irrigation.


KCST believes in the holistic learning experience and therefore, recognizes the importance of co- curricular and extracurricular activities in the life of a student. With this in view, several clubs and organizations have been created and registered on the KCST campus in order to help promote various initiatives put forward by students and KCST staff. The clubs and organizations cover areas of sports, arts, social and community events and academic advancement. Professional staff members and academic staff members are available to assist students in pursuing their interests.

A student club is an independent student entity that represents a group of students whom share the same vision, mission and passion to initiate activities in a certain field determined by the club direction. To start a student club, the student must adhere to the rules and regulations mentioned in this paper, including the mission and the vision of the clubs.

Mission and Vision

A portrayal of responsibilities that the club requests to do, in which it facilitates the club of internal work, by making the right decisions. This vision is not limited to a short period, rather extends to a vast space of periods, so that any member is able to complete the work of the previous student member and achieve the same vision which is to clarify the goal of the club and the results it aspires to achieve, and to strengthen the student’s ideas.