English Language Unit


In order to ensure readiness and preparedness of potential students, all applicants to KCST must sit an entrance test in Maths, Physics and English (based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages level (CEFR)).

KCST’s English Placement Test

KCST is using The Cambridge English Placement Test. It is considered to be a quick and reliable online test to check the applicant’s level in English, so that the student can be placed in the right course based on the Common European Framework of Reference Level (CEFR).

For Cambridge Entrance Exam Link  Click Here

It has been produced by Cambridge English Language Assessment, the world leader for assessing English language skills. Over 4 million people take Cambridge English exams every year. It tests reading and listening skills, as well as the use of English – which includes using grammar and vocabulary accurately and appropriately. It is an adaptive test – which means each test adapts to the individual student, and each student will get different questions according to their level of English. Applicants normally complete the test within 45-60 minutes.

Foundation Level 2 Foundation Level 3
Overall 51 81
Listening 7
Reading 91


The English Language Unit aims at developing students’ mastery of the English language by equipping them with the necessary tools and skills to pursue their academic and professional careers in their field of choice.


The vision of the English Language Unit is to:

  • Enable students to pursue their respective academic majors adequately using the English language
  • Prepare students to become global citizens by encouraging them to be active participants in their learning process.
  • Create an atmosphere that enables students to become successful communicators and critical thinkers while engaging in a reflective and independent learning environment.

Student’s Learning Outcomes

  • Produce academic reports and research papers using the acquired writing process
  • Utilize effective communication and persuasion skills in oral presentations
  • Apply research skills to select, evaluate, interpret and cite information
  • Analyze and critically respond to written and oral texts
  • Work independently and collectively to achieve desired goals