KCST-KSF Kuwait Space project Launch

16 February 2021 | posted by Super Admin

KSF Space Foundation announced that the state of Kuwait will be the first in GCC and North Africa to send CubeSat to near space to measure climate change & Ultra violet radiation in partnership with KSF Space next mission which is scheduled in June 2021.

(KCST) Kuwait College of Science & Technology in Kuwait, will be the leading across all universities in GCC & NA region to approach such experiment. The mission will be unique and distinguished due to the challenge and the expected results upon the mission completion.

Prof. Khalid Al-Begain, KCST President mentioned” The KCST & KSF collaboration entails training 12 KCST students, guiding them and recommending the proper hardware needed to build the 3D printed Space Capsule. Furthermore, conducting a research focusing on stratospheric studies on the Ozone Layer and beyond and conducting scientific experiments that estimate the seriousness of Global Warming and Climate Change”