PI in the project tilted as “Optical fluorescent nanocomposites for different optical conversions” no. (PR19-15SP-01).

Dr. Ishac Kandas

Funded By: - Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science (KFAS)

Funding Amount: - KD 8500

Year: - 2019

Summary: - This project aims to fabricate optical biodegradable nanocomposite using optical nanostructures embedded in electrospun nanofibers. In this proposal, it is planned to embed some optical nanostructures in-situ in electrospun nanofibers to be applicable for both optical up- and down-conversion mechanisms. In up-conversion process, it is planned to use some optical materials such as PCBS which can convert range of 1330-1550 nm into 665-775 nm through nonlinear optics basics. In down-conversion process, it is planned to use some fluorescent nanoparticles such as cerium oxide, which can convert violet region into visible spectrum of green emission. The in-situ embedding inside biodegradable polymer such as PVA will be explorated to check the optimum concentrations to generate best nanofibers mats with minimum beads and best optical emission intensity. This project is promising to be applied in different applications such as optical energy harvesting layers in solar cells, optical sensors, and bioimaging.