Optical Nanosensors with Integrated Flexible Printed Nanoantennas for Water Quality Monitoring, ID: PR17-15EE-01

Dr. Ishac Kandas

Funded By: - Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science (KFAS)

Funding Amount: - KD 50,000

Year: - 2017

Summary: - In this project, applications of optically active ceria nanoparticles were investigated. Ceria nanoparticles can be used as an optical sensing material for peroxides in aqueous media. In addition, ceria nanoparticles were being tested as the active component of a smart optical sensor for tiny metallic particles. This sensor relies on a phenomenon involving the electrostatic interaction between the O-vacancies in ceria and nanoscale metal particles such as copper and lead. In addition, the impact of adding plasmonic nanostructures with ceria to enhance the fluorescence emission intensity was investigated and consequently the optical sensitivity to detect the aforementioned quenchers.