Integration of Solar Generation and Electrical Vehicles into the Smart Grid, 2016-2019

Professor Mohamed Trabelsi

LPI: Mladen Kezunovic

PI: Mohamed Trabelsi,

Funded by: - Qatar National Research Fund (NPRP8-241-2-095)

Funding budget: - $788,993.00

Year: - 2016-2019

Summary: - This research project investigated the potential benefit from integration of EVs and PV generation into smart grid. The optimal method studied in this project is to coordinate EVs battery storage and solar generation to help improve the electric grid performance, which was also quantified. The project focused on three issues: a) integration of PV generation and EV charging stations through DC/AC buses, b) interfacing the DC/AC buses to the power system using advanced power electronics, and c) analysis of the impacts of the PVs and EVs on the power grid operation.